Underwater Video Cameras – Underwater Video Housing

Choosing a video camera and matching it with the right housing is technically the only way to call it an underwater video camera. The selection process has always been difficult as you will sometimes find the housing not available for a popular camera or else the model camera to suit a particular housing is now obsolete.

Keeping this in mind, we have brought you a selected range of popular video cameras together with matching underwater camera housings. The most popular by far is the Sony range of video cameras that have waterproof video housings built for their popular models by third party manufacturers. These manufacturers have listened to the market’s call to utilize Sony’s stunning videographic abilities to capture those underwater memories.

There are also systems from Sea & Sea, Light and Motion and Amphibico, all in all providing a selection to suit all skill levels and budgets. Also included is the fantastically popular flip video camera. Not to be outdone by its more sophisticated cousins it also has a waterproof housing available.

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