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Looking for a great watch that has style, class, and superb functionality can be a difficult thing to do as there are many manufacturers that try to pull off any look in today's society but just can't. Omega Seamaster Watches, however, have been around since the mid-20th Century and have been a tradition for businessmen, professionals, and especially for those looking for a dive watch as they are truly water resistant. The Seamaster watches by Omega have traditionally been worn by James Bond in the 007 series as well as George Clooney and other celebrities. However, if you're looking for a great watch like this you don't want to rely on the fact that famous stars have worn them, but should buy because you know that they are a truly superior product.

Overall Appearance

These watches are meant to provide for a stunning visual sense that no other watch manufacturer can match. First, the watch face and layout are a couple features that many people usually comment on and are pleased with. The Omega Seamaster Watches usually either have skeleton arms or solid ones, both of which add to the attractiveness of the whole watch face. In addition, wearing one of the Omega Seamaster watches means that you'll have a watch that is Chronometer COSC certified as many of them are, which means that it has been tested on an individual basis.

Seamaster 300m Seamaster Aqua Terra Seamaster Planet Ocean
Seamaster 300m Seamaster Aqua Terra Seamaster Planet Ocean
Seamaster Professional James Bond Watches
Seamaster Professional James Bond Watch

Water Resistance

Though many watch manufacturers claim that their products are waterproof or water resistant, many of those claims actually don't hold up under real conditions. However, the Omega Seamaster Watches are truly water resistant, and some of Omega's models hold up between 200-300 meters, which makes them a great dive watch!

Accuracy and Precision

Omega watches have also been known to be thoroughly accurate and precise. All of their watches are made with micro-instrumentations and pieces that are designed to optimum functionality, giving you utmost time-keeping precision. With one of their seamaster watches many people will tell you that you will be lucky to lose even 10 seconds over a month or two months time, which is much more than many other watch manufacturers could say.

Sleek Design and Comfort

Whether you are looking for an Omega business professional watch or a dive watch from the Omega Seamaster line, including the Planet Ocean, Aqua Terra, or the Seamaster Bond Styles, you'll get a sleek design with ultimate comfort. The bracelets on all their watches are designed for comfort. For the clasping mechanism when adjusting your watch, there is no sheet metal underfold mechanism. Rather, Omega seamaster watches and other styles contain a solid clasp that has a fold-over design, which makes the watch easier to put on and remove and is also one of the best clasp systems in the watch industry.

All things considered, investing in one of Omega's Seamaster Watches doesn't simply mean that you'll be getting a popular design that's been to the moon, worn by James Bond or even George Clooney among other movie stars. Rather, Omega has had a tradition of building a superior dive watch product from the beginning, and the extreme precision, comfort, and overall appearance of the watch make it stand out among many others.

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