For anyone that has a fondness for exciting activities and would like to keep a memory of it, there is the latest, impressive and dynamic digital camera like the lifestyle you pursue. Introducing the Canon's PowerShot D10 which is actually water-resistant, freeze-proof, shockproof and even strong enough to accept anything you hand out. In addition this Canon digital camera has gained many attributes. Through this camera you will receive 12.1 mega pixels of image resolution and an amazing high tech image resolution technological innovation. Acquire this particular digital camera simply because it is water and shock resistant, cold tolerant and records all your grand happenings in spectacular coloration.


Life could take you virtually anyplace on the planet and for that reason Canon has designed an electronic digital camera resilient enough to go to locations where you will be able to take impressive pictures that you can admire later. This phenomenal camera is water-resistant right down to thirty-three feet so you can take it deep-sea diving, scuba or perhaps surfing. It’s shockproof to 4 feet which enables it to resist extreme conditions of hot and cold temperatures starting from 14-104 degrees (F) hence it’s well suited for snow-boarding, mountain climbing and even much more.

DIGIC 4 Image Processor and iSAPS Systems

This particular DIGIC 4 innovation detects and keeps track of shifting features right up to when you’re able to capture with total focus. Furthermore, exposure, flash with white harmony really are compensated, to ensure that faces display normal skin color shades and backdrops are correctly presented. The iSAPS technology works together with the state-of-the-art DIGIC 4 graphic processor to boost focus tempo as well as reliability along with exposure and white balance.

Face Detection Self-Timer

The face detection self-timer technology mechanically picks up the amount of faces and makes all the proper corrections. As an illustration, to incorporate the photographer’s face inside a group shot, there is no reason to scuttle in. Simply place the digital camera on the holder or tripod, select Face Detection Self-Timer so the digital camera is going to wait for the face to come on-camera before it will take the picture. Motion Recognition monitors changing subjects at a much bigger range–allowing you to wait for a suitable snapshot with out the need to refocus.

Canon PowerShot highlights

This PowerShot D10 has a 3x optical zoom gives anyone the capacity to photograph faraway objects with perfection and spectacular realistic coloration. Typically the Canon’s highly praised Optical Image Stabilizer technological innovation instantly picks up and adjusts camera shake – one of the primary factors behind unclear or blurry photos. Regardless of whether you’re zoomed in, you can acquire the continual, sharp, excellent photos that you will be extremely pleased to take and show later.

Blink Detection

In the event of taking pictures, closed eyes are identified by the "blink indicator" icon which shows up at three seconds, letting you take the actual picture just before your object or subject matter leaves the scene. Blink Recognition gives you additional guarantee while taking once-in-a-lifetime events like putting the flag on the peak of a high mountain peak.

Concluding Message

Simply set up the cameras PowerShot D10 towards Smart AUTO and you are all set for optimum pleasure through your photo taking outings. This is an unwinding and gratifying solution to photography as you can focus on your subject matter with the knowledge that the digital camera technological particulars are in place. The superior Canon system smartly evaluates your position and picture taking situations. After that it instantly chooses a proper environment via eighteen uniquely identified configurations. Therefore regardless of whether you’re taking a photo of flowers, a unique setting sun, or perhaps friends and family in the park, you will be assured you get a spectacular, unforgettable photos.

Canon D10 4GB Kit

Canon PowerShot D10 12.1 MP Waterproof Digital Camera + 4GB Accessory Kit

Kit includes: Canon PowerShot D10 12.1 MP Waterproof Digital Camera with 3x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom and 2.5-inch LCD (Includes manufacturer's supplied accessories); 4 Gigabyte SD Secure Digital Memory Card – Universal…

Canon D10 8GB Kit

Canon PowerShot D10 12.1 MP Waterproof Digital Camera + 8GB Accessory Kit

Kit includes: Canon PowerShot D10 12.1 MP Waterproof Digital Camera with 3x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom and 2.5-inch LCD; 8 Gigabyte SD Secure Digital Memory Card – Universal Memory Card Wallet; Well Padded Digital…

Canon D10 Digital Kit

Canon PowerShot D10 – Digital camera – compact – 12.1 Mpix – optical zoom: 3 x – supported memory: MMC, SD, SDHC, MMCplus

For those with a taste for adventure, there's a camera as bold as the active life you lead. It's the Canon PowerShot D10. Waterproof, freezeproof and shockproof; it's tough enough to take what you dish out. Plus it's got all the high performance…

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Suunto Cobra Dive Computer with Compass


Suunto Cobra Dive Computer gives you an innovative and modern air-integrated dive computer with built in electronic compass. Underwater adventures usually take a great deal of preparation on the part of divers. With the right gadget, the anxieties and worries about diving safety is somehow resolved. Using cutting edge dive computer technologies featured by Suunto Cobra Dive Computer models, all essential diving parameters such as absorption rates and Reduced Gradient Bubble Model (RGBM) algorithm can conveniently viewed in its matrix display. Quality dive computers by Suunto are subjected to rigorous testing to make sure that it delivers the kind of service that meets every diver's expectations. Hence, the brand is confident that Suunto Cobra Dive Computer with digital compass will give you reliable and dedicated diving partner.


Suunto combines all of its technological innovations in its Cobra dive watch line. The product combines air integration, clear navigation, effortless operation, flexible decompression monitoring and overall multi-mode operation features for your diving safety and convenience.

As the only air-integrated dive computer in the market, it has easily established a credible profile among divers and dive-enthusiasts. Following the massive success of the Vyper, Cobra gives you cylinder pressure and estimated remaining time gauges and functions to keep you in control of your dives. For your convenience, this dive watch is even designed to store air consumption data as well as used pressure value for your dive logs or other future references.

The addition of a digital dive compass only gave Suunto Cobra dive computer the advantage of monitoring, calculating, tracking and displaying graphic compass rose, heading in degrees, declination setting, cardinal direction, bearing tracking and other guided calibration. These design aspects simply make this dive computer substantially different.

What's New with Cobra

This Suunto Cobra Dive Computer features the new Suunto Reduced Gradient Bubble Model (RGBM) technology, which basically involves a unique algorithm that is used in predicting the level of dissolved and free gas in your blood and tissues as you dive. Following the classic Suunto Haldane model, Suunto Cobra offers to increase your diving safety and control by allowing you to adapt in varied diving situations. It features a separate 3-step personal and altitude adjustments. It can track a complete decompression stop data. It even has a dive simulator and dive planner with user set alarms to mark your maximum depth and dive time. To keep you from exceeding your set diving limits, it is designed to give audible alarms and visual warnings with its electro-luminescent backlight, which automatically lights up for important alarms.


Suunto cobra dive computer with digital compass is simply a task master. Although most product reviews regard it as a conservative dive computer, it is made well able to keep an eye on your every move as you dive. It provides tons of information that will keep you diving without any worries. Bottom line is that this product can easily be programmed to fit your diving preferences and work like a dream, doing what a dive computer is supposed to do for you.

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