No Disappointments With a Mares Nemo Dive Computer


Seeing statistics while diving can be useful as it can help divers determine which deep levels are safe. But many of the dive watches available are only considered as dive watches because they have good water resistance. Mares wants to separate their dive watches from the rest by calling their watches dive computers. The Mares Nemo Dive Computer is one of those dive computers that offer plenty of features. Here are some of the features of the Mares

Mares Nemo Dive Computer Main Features

This diving computer features four dive modes that all types of divers should find rather handy. The Air mode is the first mode which shows related statistics for compressed air dives such as the altitude and uncontrolled ascent. The Nitrox mode works like the Air mode but lets you set the oxygen percentage as well. The bottom time mode reveals a gauge for the depth with an electronic timer. Finally, the Free Dive mode is useful for training as you can track your progress by day or session.

Special Design

Designed and manufactured in Italy the Mares Nemo utilises swiss-made parts that has brushed stainless steel or housed in a titanium casing. The wrist strap of the watch is made up of rubber with an additional strap available to be worn over drysuits. The wrist strap fits very comfortably and is about the same size as a standard diving watches but the Nemo looks a hell of a lot better!

Both the Air and Nitrox modes have alarm support so you can set various conditions to your diving computer that trigger the alarm such as no-decompression limits, rapid ascents, and low battery. It also has a calendar and clock function so the diving computer functions as a nifty land watch as well.

Mares Nemo Dive Computer Extra Features

This elegant watch is equipped with a mineral glass display so it is durable and the interface is rather simple with large text so it is easy to read. It also has an RGBM or Reduced Gradient Bubbles Model algorithm which is more advanced than other algorithms as it prevents the build-up of minute bubbles.

Logbook Functions

This Dive Computer watch has an excellent logbook function that can store your previous 50 dives with a max of 38 hours in 20 second intervals. These information can then be download to a computer so you can see your dive profiles. With a history function that records the total number of dives, the logbook also logs the deepest dive, the lowest water temperature underwater and the total hours of diving. So with the history function you can start using the this special function as a rebreather to track your hours and dives conducted.


The Mares Nemo Dive Computer provides a complete solution to people that enjoy diving frequently. The different modes provide flexibility in a simple interface.

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