Dive in Style with Orient Men's Divers Watch


The Orient brand has recently topped the search engine ranks of people using Google to search for "automatic watches". Clearly, Orient is one brand that has managed to surpass the popularity of Swiss automatic watch and dive watch brands. With over 2 million diving watch sold in continents such as Asia, Europe and South America, this Japanese company has become one of the largest producers of automatic watches in the world. Of its many success stories, the brand has to thank its Orient men's divers watch selections for its newly found popularity. Aside from diving, Orient men's divers watch pieces have won many fans for their extraordinary look as a fashion accessory.


For something that is built to withstand water pressure for as deep as 100 meters, Orient men's divers watch looks like a male model's watch. For this reason, men's dive watch series is Orient's most popular collection. Water resistant for up to 200 meters, this diving watch makes an excellent scuba companion for your exotic island getaway.

The timeless and clean design of Orient automatic dive watches incorporates sporty look into its tough bezel. When its design is all mechanical, this diving watch uses power springs and is designed to automatically store power, hence the name automatic dive watch. To withstand all possible underwater conditions, the Orient men's divers watch is given thick cases to resists water pressure. Since the main purpose of a diver's watch is to measure the time spend under water, this watch collection is given a rotating bezel which can conveniently be aligned to zero, saving the diver from the trouble of remembering initial hand positions and doing mental arithmetic in calculating the total amount of time spend under water.

Materials Used

Orient men's divers watch comes in sturdy materials like titanium, ceramics, stainless steel and plastic. All of which are selected for their strength and excellent tolerance against magnetic shock, which is crucial for all dive watch designs. Also, all the watch's numbers, minute markers and hands are clearly marked and laced with luminous paint to keep the dials readable at night or in less ideal diving conditions.

Styles Available

Depending on the design series, you may get a stylish metal or black urethane band from Orient men's divers watch. The metal band variation comes in matte finish with double-locking clasps for added security and convenient fit. On the other hand, the urethane band comes with a deployment clasp, which makes it easy to adjust to fit. Overall, the Orient men's divers watch collection offers 8 variations of automatic men's dive watch designs; 4 using metal bands and 4 using black urethane bands. Likewise, this collection also comes in black on black, blue on blue/orange and orange on black dial and bezel combinations.


The main advantage of Orient men's divers watch is that it delivers luxury features such as in-house movements, power-reserve indicators, fully-automatic and US-based service and maintenance at 1/3 of the price of popular Swiss brands. If you are looking for a cool, fashionable and reliable dive watch, any pick from this diving watch collection makes a wise investment.

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