Into the Deep with Top Scuba Diving Torch Products


BigBlue 170 Lumens Aluminum LED Dive LightOn your next underwater adventure, consider having a reliable scuba diving light torch to ensure not only your safety but optimum thrill and excitement level. Night or day, a scuba diving torch will help you enjoy the vibrant colors and rich textures of marine life as it allows you to see through the cracks and crevices where interesting ocean creatures lie.  As you plan to go cave diving or night diving, consider diving with top-rated scuba torch lights: the BigBlue 170 and Black Tilos.

What makes a Good Scuba Diving Torch?

When it comes to selecting the right diving light, brighter is not always better. If you are an avid diver, you know that there is a certain amount of particles that float around. If you are using a very bright light, it will only be lighting up the particles, which is pretty much distracting. If you are planning to take pictures, using very bright diving lights will only create hot spots. On the other hand, cave divers and wreck divers often prefer using bright lights during their explorations. Lastly, when looking for a great scuba diving torch, always go for high quality torches as they are more durable, reliable and last longer.

Why BigBlue 170 and Black Tilos?

You may be wondering what makes these two products exceptional. In general, people dive to observe, explore and take pictures of the diverse and colorful marine life. Now if you seriously wanted to take a great underwater picture with your beginner level photography skills, put your money on the BigBlue 170 diving light. The product comes as a scuba light with glove and pouch, which makes it easy to carry around. Its great luminosity also makes it a great pocket light or a secondary back-up scuba diving torch. Its aluminum alloy and anodized material ensures lasting service, which means more thrill and fun along with your dives. To turn it on, simply twist the bezel and off you go.  Compact and hassle-free operation; these summarizes what BigBlue 170 are made for.

On the other hand, the Black Tilos is known as a powerful diving light that is designed to easily attach to the mask strap, wrist scuba diving gear or diver snorkel. It comes with high, low and flash operations, which deliver for up to 500-candle power. This state-of-the-art LED light is shock and impact resistant, which make it a great diving companion under any condition. If you are looking for a versatile dive torch then Black Tilos should be your choice of dive light.

Possible problems

Just like any great product, you might experience hassles or difficulties in operating the BigBlue 170 and Black Tilos. For the most part, the problem comes with the product's instruction and set-up information, which is often printed on the box. Some complains that the instructions printed on the box are too small to read and often lacks some important details. Also, you need to check the straps. Pre-diving practice can help you get the hang of BigBlue 170 and Black Tilos' light straps.

Quality Hints

Excellent battery life, powerful illumination, adjustable brightness of light and flash modes are what make BigBlue 170 and Black Tilos the excellent choices for scuba diving torch lights. Their durable construction, generally hassle-free set up and operation will convince you that these two guys will give you safe and exciting dives every time!

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