Aeris Dive Computer Raises the Bar for Diving Safety


Aeris XR1 Air Dive Computer, Scuba Wrist Dive WatchDiving gives anybody one of the most relaxing and exhilarating experiences in human life. Underwater adventures remain unparalleled in terms of the thrill of discovering and feeling the world under the sea. However, to be on the safe side, you need to have a complete diving gear. Keeping track of your dive depth and time is important in making sure that you have minimal risks of decompression sickness. With an Aeris dive computer; you get a complete set of all important diving consoles to have your diving stat covered while under water. Its great mix of oversized digits, split screens, graphics and icons give you an easy to read console that remains visible under water. With that said, Aeris dive computer will take care of you while you witness the beauty of diverse marine life.

Aeris XR1 Air Dive Computer Key Features

Aeris dive computer is designed to be a full featured air-nitrox dive computer. It requires manual and water activation so it can immediately be put on duty the moment you plunge in. To allow maximum visibility, it makes use of oversized text and icons with split screens to give you important data that you need to keep track of your air supply. It can instantly give you your color coded Nitrogen bar graph and determine ascent rate with respect to your current altitude.

The device automatically adjusts to your vertical position, which is good for up to 330 feet. It also gives visual alarms for your dive settings. It even allows you to customize the information displayed in its console with a simple press of a button. You can even use it as a watch to keep track of the time of the day or as a safety stop count-down timer. It works both imperial and metric setting depending on your preference. More importantly, it is only of the very few dive computers that can handle as much as 12 dive logs.


Aeris dive computer watches are designed with your safety in mind. Their ease of use will sure minimize your risk of getting exposed to dangers while under water. But while their reliable console gives you all the information you need using a small number of buttons found in front of the screen. The device can basically allow you to perform complex dives with a little planning. The selectable options, variety of display modes and readable console displays are extremely helpful in staying safe and in control of your dives.

Design Strength

One of the goals of Aeris dive computer watches is to revolutionize the current dive technology with a reliable, accurate and full featured diving device. Its simplicity and great under water visibility features will work well on both beginners and old-time divers. Plus, it looks great! Its solid and rugged construction will sure go well with your other diving essentials. Lastly, the ease of being able to replace the batteries yourself gives you a fuss-free diving partner.


Aeris dive computer is a nitrox capable computer that is designed for anyone and every diver's safety. This is one product that is consistent and committed to giving every diver their right wing when it comes to keeping in control of each and every dives. At $350 cost, it relieves you from the misery of relying on your good old dive table. It is feature-rich as it is sleek. Hence, the Aeris dive computer is certainly a must-have in a good diver's book.

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