Hi-Tech Apollo Scuba Diving Fins


Apollo Bio Spllit FinsSplit fin scuba diving gear continues to reign supreme in the performance review and ratings charts of scuba diving fins. Thanks to its well-thought out design and practical ergonomics. It seamlessly combines speed, efficiency and maneuverability in delivering diving performance unlike any other. Split fins like the Apollo Scuba Diving Split Fins are designed on raw speed and easily sustain and improve cruise speed with reduced effort and decreased air consumption. Now these design aspects make Apollo Scuba Diving Split Fins a must-have and a wise investment for both student and advanced technical diver.


Unlike full-foot categories, the Apollo Scuba Diving Split Fins are designed with propeller fin technology in mind. As products of years of product development, this advanced Apollo scuba diving fins incorporates all-rubber materials to move quicker with less effort and air. Although most divers are somewhat reluctant to using rubber fins, this Apollo wonders will practically give more power to your every kick. Unlike traditional paddles, the combination of paddle technology and hi-tech material gives this set of ergonomically designed diving fins the ability to work well in any current or surge. Just look at how much effort your buddies are exerting just to make simple maneuvers while you do everything with a lot more ease.


As the first manufacturer to visualize propeller fin technology, Apollo makes diving fins that looks, sounds and works great. Thanks to their patented lightweight synthetic material, the Apollo Scuba Diving Split Fins outperform and outlasts traditional paddle fins. Unlike other brands that use both plastic and rubber compounds, Apollo is the only brand that makes 100 percent rubber split fins. To improve performance, the brand discovered that rubber fins are great for establishing underwater maneuverability. However, there is a question that rubber materials may not be stiff enough to handle surge or current. That is why Apollo designers adjusted the flexibility and lack of buoyancy in rubber. Six months later, the brand introduced their revolutionary stiff, flexible and  hi-tech rubber split fins.


For such a cute pair of fins, the yellow Apollo Scuba Diving Split Fins handles natural resting angles well. This means reduced muscle fatigue on the ankles and legs. In addition, the effortless maneuverability and position control of the fins effectively reduce energy use and air consumption by up to 40 percent, allowing divers to achieve longer and faster underwater records. In many ways, these fins allow you to relax a little without compromising the momentum and power of your kicks.


Since its release in 1999, Apollo Scuba Diving Split Fins consistently scored confidence among beginner and professional divers in terms of feel, stiffness and overall diving performance. These fins are custom designed for all divers who wanted to get a bit more feel to their fins, increasing their flutter-kick, dolphin-kick and frog-kick power and speed. For such a pliable fin, these pair wins excellent scores for its ergonomics, thanks to its livelier snap.

Overall, this top-rated Apollo Scuba Diving Fins provide comfortable and form-fitting fins with near-zero resistance that will make it possible for you to chase even a wayward barracuda.

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