The Casio Dive Watch, Fashion and Function


Casio Men's AQ164W-7AV Ana-Digi Sport WatchDive watches can be a signature piece for those who spend their free time outdoors staying active. A nice dress watch will do for work but when its time to do your hobbies you would want something that can handle your active lifestyle. The best thing about a Casio dive watch is that it functions just like you want to, tells time and allows you to get outdoors more often. A dive watch also encourages you to go scuba diving, swimming or water skiing. You can always know where you stand when you are wearing one, for it is its rugged accessory that a lot of men want to own one.

Casio Men's AQ164W-7AV Ana-Digi Sport Watch

The Men's Ana-Digi Sport Watch has a buckle clasp and black band, the face is white and features Quartz movement. When you clasp this Men's Ana-Digi Sport dive watch around your wrist you can feel its solid design. It's lightweight but sturdy enough to handle whatever you can dish out. It's water resistant to 330 feet with a display that gives you analog and digital readings so you can use it like any watch. It comes with a stop watch for those times when you need a digital marker. It looks tough and is made out of stainless-steel so it won't rust. This watch can be used on your adventures and worn out on your next trip to town, that's a challenge in case you were looking for one.

Casio Men's AMW330-7AV Dive Chronograph Resin Strap Watch

Dive watches are best purchased after you have done some research. You don't buy one because it looks good; you buy it because it meets your needs when you're outdoors. Sure you want something that says you mean business but the best equipment won't amp up your adventures, that's up to you. Since the styles are similar you should look at features first. This Men's Resin Strap Watch is more upscale looking that can be worn as a dress watch if you choose.

Looks Do Matter

You can tell a lot about a man from his timepiece; he may have a few in his accessory drawer and it's important to have some choices to choose from because you are not just your job. A Casio dive watch lets those around you know that adventure is in your blood. When you wear a Casio dive watch you feel empowered to take on that hill, river or that beautiful sea, you're a man wearing a man's watch, prove yourself.

Which One Should You Buy

Depending on how much you want to spend, these are two dive watches that has style and functionality. Both of them are not too expensive and a good choice. Because every man was born wild there is something significant about owning a dive watch. You may never take it to its depth limits but you can use it on your  next rafting on a raging river. Some sports are left to those who eat danger for breakfast. If you are the type of guy who can get out on the weekends with your family then a dive watch is a necessity for your safety. You can choose either an AMW330-7AV or AQ164W-7AV Casio Sports Watch for those times when it’s a weekend getaway and water is close by.

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