Luminox Dive Watch: The Serious Diving Watch


Luminox Men's Original Navy Seal Dive Watch 3953.SEAFrom the leading manufacturer of Navy Seal Watches, the all-new Luminox Original Navy SEAL Dive Series 2 Watch 3953 gives every diver the real deal in undersea activity watches. In this fine addition to the Luminox dive watch series, the watch gives you serious diving features to give a lifetime of accurate service. It carries the brand's classic features, which include the unique illumination system of the Luminox Light Technology and its Swiss watch mechanism. Thanks to the brand's continuous efforts in meeting the rigorous specifications requested by the US Navy SEALs, you can now enjoy your own Luminox dive watch in your next undersea adventure.

Dive Series 2 Watch 3953 Key Features

Luminox Original Navy SEAL Dive Series 2 Watch 3953 is a dive watch that is given the Luminox Light Technology to maintain visibility under low-light and non-light situations. This technology allows it to glow 100 times brighter than other luminous watches. The watch is also given a round reinforced carbon casing with unidirectional polyurethane bezel. In addition to its excellent illuminating technology, it’s easy to read minute indexes and matching nylon band with Velcro clasp to give you a masculine dive watch look. Just like other Luminox diver's watch collections, its hardware assembly is also made water resistant for up to 200 meters or 660 feet. These features make it a great match to the rigorous features demanded by the US Navy SEALs as well as US Air Force Pilots.

How does it Work?

This Luminox dive watch uses micro gas lights called Borosilicate glass capsules in its hands, hour markers and bezels. This way, it glows and maintains visibility under the sea at low-light or no light conditions. Unlike other conventional diver's watch, Luminox dive watches do not require an external source of light or charge for its dials and hands to glow. They also do not maintain a push-button lighting operation to exhibit lighting capacities because this  watches uses electroluminescence for illumination.

Basing its innovative illuminating feature from the US Military technology, it made use of micro gas light sources to maintain a self-powered illumination regardless of an outside light source. In many ways, the Luminox Original Navy SEAL Dive Series 2 Watch 3953 can be your raison d'etre or "reason for being".

To stand up to the test of all-weather and undersea operating conditions, Luminox Original Navy SEAL Dive Series 2 Watch 3953 is given a tough hardware. To guarantee quality, this Lunimox dive watch undergoes extended manufacturing steps, which other watch brands do not require.

The Good and the Bad

In terms of ruggedness, this Luminox dive watch is all rugged. You can hike, dive and do other physically demanding activities with this watch without worrying about getting it battered. It remains easy and comfortable to wear against heat and humidity. Thanks to its lightweight casing, you can't even feel that you are wearing it. The only downside of its design aspects is its size as it is thicker and larger than conventional dive watches.


For someone who is looking for a dedicated dive watch partner, this Luminox dive watch makes a wise investment. It is easy to use, comfortable and ruggedly stylish. No wonder US Navy SEALs and US Air Force approve of its design and function.

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