Three Leading Dive Computer Watches


So, you have decided to take up scuba diving as a sport. Marvel at the breathtaking scenes of marine life, experience nature like no other and while doing so, make sure that you have looked at the top 3 dive computer watches on the market.

A good dive computer watch should provide an alternative solution to gaining real-time information, which traditional decompression tables provide. As a computing device, it must be able to perform continuous calculations of a variety of diving parameters to effectively guide you into the water and back to the shore.

Because of the practicality and portability of dive computer watch functions dive computer watches have become an essential modern gear for scuba divers. Along with a bunch of extra features and functions, it allows every diver to go beyond their abilities to enjoy a successful and safe diving adventure. Even though there are a number of models and brands available for dive computer watches, only three are recommended especially for novice divers.

Momentum Midsize 1M-DV92B1 Nereos Feet Watch

The Momentum Midsize 1M-DV92B1 Nereos Feet Watch

Crafted to meet the expectations of a serious diver, you can expect that Momentum's Nereos feet watch will be something that you need to wear every time you dive. In addition to its black, stainless steel and sleek bezel and rubber wristband, it is geared to perform precision depth gauging, clock and clocking functions, dive logging and water temperature monitoring with water resistance of up to 660 feet. To allow ease of use, this new Momentum Nereos is engineered to be ultra durable and to deliver unsurpassed legibility in providing you with all the information that a novice diver should need to dive safely and effectively.

The NiTek Trio Dive Computer by Dive Rite
NiTek Trio Dive Computer by Dive Rite, w/Integrated Digital Compass

All-new NiTek Trio computer dive watch features an advanced three-gas Nitrox computer that is equipped with a 2.5-inch matrix LCD display, custom display functions, deep stop features, adjustable safety factor levels and integrated digital compass functions. This modern dive watch is designed to automatically turn on upon descent, making it an ideal primary or back-up dive computer. Thanks to its modified Buhlmann ZH-L16 algorithm, it can easily and precisely calculate decompression stop times for as deep as 90-feet. One good thing about this computer dive watch is that is gives off a combination of audible and visible alarms that alerts you in the event of possibly hazardous diving conditions such as no decompression state or violation of ascent rate.

The Oceanic Geo Personal Dive Computer, GEO Wristwatch
Oceanic Geo Personal Dive Computer, GEO Wristwatch
The Oceanic Geo dive computer watch is powered by the Oceanic's exclusive dual algorithm technology, which gives you a choice between Pelagic DSAT or Pelagic Z+ based calculations of various diving parameters. Its seamless combination of style, quality and function makes it a -standalone dive computer that can be programmed to produce no-deco and deco profiles of your dives on your computer. Oceanic Geo functions at 4 operating modes. It functions as a chrono watch that delivers daily alarm and performs countdown timer; a NORM or air and Nitrox dive computer; a gauge that displays real-time information on various diving parameters; and as a diving accessory that tracks dive calculations with auto firmware updates.


Nereos Feet, Dive Rite's NiTek Trio and the Oceanic Geo collection of dive computer watches feature precise and advanced algorithm that provides you with real-time depth, maximum depth, cumulative dive time, rate of ascent, required decompression, diving profiles, diving history, and time to fly information in an easy to read LCD format. This way, you can precisely and easily monitor the duration as well as other statistics involved in your diving adventures.

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