Oceanic Delta 4 Scuba Dive Regulators W/ DVT

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Think of one problem that involved your dive regulators. Perhaps you may have thought of easily flooded or worn regulators. Perhaps you may have experienced doing all the tricks you know to prevent the intrusion of moisture and contaminants into your breathing system. You see, you do not only compromise diving safety with sub-standard dive regulators. You also risk contaminating your other diving gear with whatever might have entered through your supposed-to-be-secure diver regulator. For something that is meant to prevent moisture from entering the first stage of your diving setup, dealing with these hassles can be real frustrating. Thanks to the dedicated diving technology offered by Oceanic Delta 4 scuba diving regulator with dry regulator technology (DVT), you eliminate all the possible worries and hassles dealt with poor dive regulators.


The simplicity and effectiveness of the patented technology featured by Oceanic Delta 4 dive regulators stand up for the common diving objections posed by meager quality regulators. Its dynamic adjustment features allows each diver to ascend and descend through depths without having any problem with his breathing system. At near zero depth, the product is designed to allow you to manually increase the resistance as you reduce ambient pressure, preventing free-flow. The key feature of this product is its balanced valve mechanisms, which allow divers to set the preferred breathing resistance through the dive.

Key Features

Thanks to its computer optimized design, Oceanic Delta 4 dive regulators are designed to meet the specific needs of all sorts of diving feats. The 3D modeling techniques incorporated in the design of the product allowed its engineers to test its vane and housing design as well as its performance. One of the modern features resulting from this advanced design technique is the adjustable venture system feature. When each Oceanic Delta 4 dive regulator is given a unique deflector vane that diverts airflow from the valve directly to the mouthpiece, it smoothens out the path of oxygen through the breathing system. Thanks to its venture assisted inhalation mechanisms, the product is given an ingenious full adjustment air switch.

The ergonomic features of the product follow its perfected designs. Oceanic Delta 4 dive regulators are given an in-line swivel for ultimate comfort. A patented orthodontic mouthpiece, which is patterned to accommodate natural overbite, is supplied to ease up jaw fatigue.

Most of all, you will find comfort in its lightweight housing, which is made from a composite blend of ABS and polycarbonate plastic, which are also neutrally buoyant under water.

Pros and Cons

The balanced diaphragm features of Oceanic Delta 4 dive regulators captures all the safety and convenience features as well as advanced breathing systems that other diver regulator seem to have missed out. It is made easier to use, though it is cut out for ultimate diving performance. All metal components are anodized and made with high-grade composite and lightweight materials to ensure longer service life. For a high quality diving gear, the only downside of Oceanic Delta 4's advanced dive regulator designs is its relatively expensive price. However, its value speaks of all convenient, comfort are reliable dive regulator features that stand up to the most challenging dive conditions, which is definitely worth investing for.

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