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There are a number of name brands in the industry that produce excellent dive watches. However, few names can match the quality and brilliance of a Casio dive watch. This is not a hyperbolic statement. A quality Casio dive watch delivers both function and reliability tempered by an appealing look and design. And while virtually all Casio dive watches deliver in this regard, few do so in as impact-full a manner as the Casio Men's G-Force Military Concept Black Digital Watch.

he Casio Men's G-Force Military Concept Black Digital Watch truly is a standout dive watch that is excellent even by Casio's high standards. What makes this particular watch so excellent? There are many facets. Let's take a look at some of the main ones…

The Specs

The watch is integrated with quartz movement which further enhances its reliability. When you are diving, you do not want a dive watch that falters one iota in the reliability department as this could prove highly problematic. With this Casio dive watch, you needn't worry about such problems. The watch itself is driven by solar power which adds to its ability to deliver effective operations. It won't die out on you since its charges will last for quite a long time. And this will certainly prove to be highly important when you need to read the dive timer or vital stats the watch accurately presents and records.

But, how does the watch handle under pressure? And by pressure, we do mean pressure. Specifically, does the weight and pressure of the ocean interfere with the performance of the watch? No, as with other Casio dive watches, this particular model is definitely able to handle oceanic pressure. In fact, it is built to last at depths of 600 feet which is outright stunning. Very few watches on the market are that durable.

And for those that do need a little ‘nudge' this watch comes with three different alarms. These alarms can be employed when diving or wearing the watch as part of your daily regimen. A countdown timer is also added to the mix and can be employed for a number of uses.

The Look

And what would Casio watches be without their unique and stunning look? Again, this particular model in the Casio watch catalogue is definitely one that possesses a high quality elegant look. If you want to purchase a watch that can also be used for casual travels on the town, the Casio Men's G-Force Military Concept Black Digital Watch can definitely deliver in this regard. Visually, it does have the sleek look of a military design. While this may hold it back from being formal wear, it definitely adds a brilliant appeal that makes it the perfect watch for inclusion as high end casual wear. Really, this is a stunningly unique and original watch. That is why it is so highly prized and valued among serious dive watch fans.

The bottom line here is that if you want a high quality Casio dive watch, the Casio Men's G-Force Military Concept Black Digital Watch is the watch to purchase. It truly is one of the best that Casio has to offer.

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Grant @ 1:48 am #

I am a commercial diver, I have always used gshock watches as they are so durable, vertually indistructable!! The new frogman looks awesome… It has alot more dive features than any other gshock yet and can't wait untill I can afford to buy one for myself!!!!

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