Luminox Men's Original Navy SEAL Dive Watch #3001- The Latest in Dive Watches.

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Retooled, redesigned; made better than ever. The new generation of Navy seal dive watch presents a whole new definition of what a fine dive watch must be. Super strong carbon impregnated cases, new robust appearance, bolder hands, coin-edge bezel and night-glow illumination, coordinating with this dive watch is easy. For a brand that has built its name in producing dependable watches for night missions, Navy Seal Luminox dive watch has been created to provide unique illumination system, reliable and self-powered timepieces that looks great on and under water. As much as it is suitable for scuba diving, it is also designed to go with your casual ensembles. Going for a weekend drive or a vacation dive? Then it's time to know more about Men's Luminox Navy Seal Dive Watch #3001.

Key Features

Navy Seal Dive Watch is trusted for its durability and unique illumination system. Compared to other luminous dive watches, its hands and dial markers glow 100 times brighter. Its self-powered illumination system is expected to last for more than 25 years. Its black dial face, multi-jeweled Swiss quartz, double gasket crown, Arabic numeral markers and white baton hands with date display at the 3 o'clock marker completes its much improved bezel details. With its comfortable polyurethane black diver's strap, you get a sporty diving watch with serious timing qualities.

To maintain day and night visibility, this Luminox dive watch is equipped with tiny micro gas lights that are embedded in the hands of the watch. It does not need external light or a source of charge to operate. In using the finest tradition and precision of Swiss watch making, it adheres to the durability and quality standards set by the US armed forces. Being the company that pioneered the development of night mission watches in connection with the US Navy Seals, it brought 24/7 convenient luminosity features on every Luminox Men's Original Navy SEAL Dive Watch#3001.

The Luminox watch produced by Navy Seal dive watch brand gives you nothing but the proprietary technology and advantages of watches intended for military missions and diving applications. With that, you may be assured of its precision and durability. Regardless of the environmental conditions, the product is geared to serve even under the harshest and most difficult conditions. Through your outdoor adventures and weekend missions, you get to feel the toughness of divers as well as US forces with this masculine timepiece.

Pros and Cons

Talk about dive watches that are specifically made for men, Navy Seal Luminox dive watch complements your diving and outdoor adventure needs with its durable and precision Swiss-made construction and water and shock resistant body. The only downside of this dive watch is its synthetic plastic bezel and strap. Some are mildly irritated by its plastic bezel as it this meant that after a few years if use, the numbers and markers on the bezel may wear off. Also, some people were mildly annoyed by its strap or watchband due to comfort as well as aesthetic issues.


Overall, Navy Seal's Original Men's Luminox dive watch #3001 is a rugged Swiss-made watch that gives you a complicated operating, easy to use, weather and mission proof, longer lasting dive watch.

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