The 20th Anniversary Citizen Dive Watch – the Aqualand #JV0030-19F

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The impression that the Citizen Watch Company is trying to convey with its 20th anniversary Aqualand Citizen dive watch is ruggedness combined with a stylish fashion. Indeed, this mens dive watch is not only suitable for diving but also is great for wearing around the town. It is Citizen's 20th anniversary edition and, as such, contains much of the same uniqueness that we have all come to expect from the company. With the bright orange band and the stainless steel case as well as other unique features, this Citizen dive watch is meant to appeal to both professional and seasonal divers as well as those who want a smart, eco-drive watch from the Citizen Watch Company.

At the outset, the Aqualand Citizen dive watch appears like it's just any other quality watch from the company. The model #JV0030-19F contains stainless steel casing and a black dial. It has the normal day-date- and month functions as can be seen on the majority of professional watches. As one of the popular mens dive watches, it measures surface intervals and has three different alarms.

A Unique Eco-Drive Watch

However, this 20th anniversary Citizen dive watch offers some unique features as an eco-drive watch. This is an ecologically-friendly watch, which is powered by light. Both natural outdoor light as well as indoor light charge this watch. This means that watch lovers will never need to worry about changing batteries as the Citizen #JV0030-19F will last for a lifetime off of natural light alone assuming that it keeps getting recharged.

Especially for Divers

Of course, some aspects of the watch favor divers over those who are going to wear it more for stylish reasons. First, the watch contains a current depth display and measures depth up to 300 feet. The Aqualand Citizen dive watch also measures the time and duration of your dive. The watch's memory log can hold dive information for up to twenty dives.

A couple other great features for diving enthusiasts are that the 20th anniversary Citizen dive watch has an auto-start dive mode, which is very simple to operate. It also tells divers of the water temperature and holds memory for the lowest and current temperature recordings.

Strong and Sturdy

Apart from the watch's superiority for divers, those who own the Aqualand eco-drive Citizen dive watch will enjoy the durability of the device as a whole. The ProDive orange band is made of durable rubber, which is not only soft and comfortable enough to wear day in and out but also sturdy enough to last for years. The scratch-resistant mineral crystal makes it one of the men's dive watches that are all the more appealing.

The 20th anniversary Citizen mens dive watches is also easy to handle and operate even with gloves on, which makes it perfect for both divers and the everyday wearer. The watch contains a calendar as well as 12-hour and 24-hour time measurements. Many people also appreciate the electro-luminescence back lighting for easy-reading in the dark.

Overall, this 20th anniversary Citizen mens watch is a perfect match for those who not only need a good watch for diving purposes, but for those that want something that will last for years. The rugged construction of the Aqualand Citizen dive watch combined with the precision Japanese-quartz movement in addition to the five-year warranty make the watch an outstanding one to wear.

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