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Citizen Dive BM8180-03E

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Finding a dive watch that is completely fashionable and one that lives up to its name can often be difficult, but there are some brands out there that manufacture the best watches in the industry. The Citizen Watch Company happens to be one of those companies. They manufacture that Eco-Drive BM8180 03E dive watch, which from the outset appears as any standard normal dive watch. However, once you take a look at the inner workings of the Citizen BM8180 03E dive watch and actually wear it a few times you'll see why it's a good watch.

An Ecologically Friendly Watch

One of the main reasons that lots of people enjoy eco-friendly watches is because they're simple to use. With the Citizen dive watch BM8180 03E, natural sunlight as well as indoor light powers the watch. As long as you're in the light you'll have a completely functional watch with no battery to worry about failing.

In fact, one of the benefits of wearing this Citizen dive watch is the fact that you have a built-in warning system when your watch's power is getting low. Instead of stopping on each individual second marker, the second-hand jumps two places while still keeping accurate time. This warning system means that the BM8180 03E needs to be powered.

Citizen BM8180-03ECompletely Durable Watch

Aside from the advantage of having a Citizen dive watch which gets its power from sunlight, the BM8180 03E is completely durable. The military green canvas strap is strong and durable; if you don't like the color you can always change the strap as some people may not particularly like the green color used.

Water resistance is the main feature that people look for when investing in a dive watch. This Citizen dive watch is durable and water-resistant up to 330 feet, which is perhaps more than anyone will ever need. However, this means that you can take trips underwater without the fear that your watch will be damaged.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Citizen DiveOne aspect of the Citizen dive BM8180 03E watch that sets it apart from others is its design and overall look. This Japanese-quartz watch contains a beautiful stainless steel case and a scratch-resistant mineral crystal. The case measures just 37mm wide by 9mm thick. The BM8180 03E dive watch model also includes luminous hands and markers so that it's easy to read during the evening and night-time as well.

All things considered, if you decide to invest in the Citizen dive BM8180 03E model then you're getting a quality watch that can stack up nicely against virtually every other brand in the dive watch industry. Its overall durability, design as well as eco-friendly features makes it worthwhile for any avid diver or anyone that wants great value for their money.

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Matt @ 6:18 am #

thank you for the review! was trying to figure out if this was a diving watch and got more information than i was looking for.

Norman Diaz @ 11:51 pm #

While the review mentions that "if you don't like the color, you can always change the strap" it does not mention the watch's lug width so that the reader can determine the size of the strap needed for a replacenent.

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