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Seamaster ProfessionalWhen it comes to getting a watch for appearance, functionality, and accuracy, the Seamaster Professional is one of the top watches in the industry that is also well respected. Yes, this model brand of watch has been used in several James Bond movies, including The World is Not Enough and Tomorrow Never Dies. Aside from wanting to look and feel like a superhero there are plenty of other reasons that you should want the Seamaster Professional or any other Seamaster watches in general: this Omega watch is classy, functional, comfortable, and everything that a professional watch should be!

The Front and Back Casing of the Watch

The first thing about the watch that you'll probably take note of is the casing. Totaling in at just 10mm thick and weighing 150 grams, the Seamaster Professional has to be one of the thinnest watches on the market today for its size. On the back of the stainless steel casing is Omega's traditional markings for Seamaster watches: a seahorse combined with a beautiful wave pattern. Unlike many other chronometers, there's no unnecessary writing on the casing that indicates that the Seamaster Professional is water-proof or water-resistant as it's a given that this Omega watch and the rest of its line are completely submersible by all professional divers.

The dark blue dial of the Seamaster Professional measures just over 30mm. Even though this may be considered not a tiny dial in any respect for Seamaster watches, the appearance and professionalism as well as overall image of the watch should impress its wearer.  The hour markers are circles combined with baton markings as well as ten-minute markings along the outside of the dial for keeping track of time. In addition, the second-hand of the watch is colored red; even though you may think this may appear a bit awkward at the outset, the second-hand coloring actually stands out a bit and contributes to the overall sleek feeling that the watch gives.

Seamaster Professional ChronometerWave Patterns and Crystal

Perhaps what really makes the Seamaster Professional stand out is the Omega dark blue wave patterns on the watch as well as the sapphire crystal outer shell, which is traditional of Omega's line of Seamaster watches. The dark blue wave patterns bring out the rest of the watch features while the sapphire crystal with its slightly domed appearance prevents at least half of the glare that would be normal for all other types of watches or Seamaster watches in general.

The Omega Bracelet

For any dive watches or Seamaster watches chances are that you'll want the bracelet to be as sturdy as it can be. The Omega Seamaster Professional doesn't hold anything back in this regard as the bracelet features nine links with polished SS highlights. The bracelet as a whole is a solid one, which means that you shouldn't have any trouble with it falling apart. In fact, many people take the watch to a professional jeweler just to have the watch bracelet re-sized correctly!

Overall, the Omega Seamaster Professional is the best of the best in the Seamaster watches industry. Even though the helium release features of the watch does attract actual divers and the fact that Omega has traditionally been worn by James Bond contributes to the watch's uniqueness, anyone wearing the watch for business or fun will love the feeling and overall appeal that the watch gives.

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