Scuba Diving Career: Scuba Diving in Water Towers


YouTube Preview ImageScuba diving has many benefits. Other than the obvious facts like being an extremely good way for getting away from the stress and hassles of everyday life and discovering exotic and rare underwater species, scuba diving also provides many people with source of living.

Many occupations involving scuba diving are not often discussed. Not many people know about these types of jobs for many reasons. The main reason being that most, if not all, scuba diving related jobs are quite dangerous or have some sort of possible hazard waiting to happen. One particular job includes scuba diving in water towers.

Why Dive in Water Towers in the First Place?

Wherever there is a high level of rainfall in an area then some type of flood, be it a minor or a major one, to occur sooner or later. This is where scuba diving experience is needed. The water levels along with contamination rates need to be monitored regularly to ensure that you are not getting any biological contaminants or chemical contaminants in your water supply.

However, this job does not require just any scuba diver and certainly not just any average person. The dangers involved are many because the depths of these towers are quite deathly due to the tremendous amount of gravitational pull that is added while trying to get safely to the bottom of the water tower.

Appropriate Equipment

When scuba diving in a tower comes to mind, the first thing you should be aware of is the type of environment you are going to be associated with and what would be the best equipment to keep you safe and accident free. Water towers are known to be dark and cold. Here is a few recommended scuba equipment used when scuba diving in a water tank:

The Dry Suit: commercially certified divers who inspect and clean water towers are sealed in dry suits mainly to avoid contact with the water supply. You would not want the person trying to help you get clean water be the cause of contamination in the water supply. Another obvious reason is to keep warm as water towers are known to be very cold.

Flashlight: because water towers are closed up to keep all sorts of dirt out, there is hardly any sunlight coming through which gives it a dark atmosphere. In order to see what kind of sediments and contaminants are in there you will definitely need your own source of light.

Other than that, the basic scuba tank and scuba mask, as well as scuba fins are required but not as much emphasis placed as the above equipment mentioned.

How It Is Cleaned

Whatever build up of sediments and algae present in the water, it will eventually start growth at the bottom or sink to the bottom. The sediment is removed from the floor of the storage tank and this gets rid of a possible breeding ground for all contaminants and bacteria present in the tank. Other methods include draining the water supply straight out of the tank so that it can be cleaned. Both methods are extremely useful and give the same result, however, the former method is way cheaper but may take a lot of time while the latter method costs way more but is more efficient.


Water tower scuba diving is just one of the many jobs related to scuba diving. Others include shark monitoring or even diving in ice cold water. Whatever it is, scuba diving is more than just a hobby or form of relaxation and should be given more credit. Be sure to research before you think about wanting to get a scuba diving related job.

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