Where to Go Scuba Diving in Thailand


YouTube Preview ImageOf all the countries in the world, Thailand is one of the most exciting places to visit. Renowned for its huge shopping malls, elephant rides and exotic adult clubs, Thailand also offers wonderful scuba diving sites. Scuba diving Thailand, and in particular scuba diving Phuket is just divine. Diving Phuket has fast become a favorite destination for many people looking for dive holidays.

The best time to visit Thailand is between the months October to April. Any other time out of this window falls during their rainy season. If you insist on scuba diving from the months of May through September, you can do so off the Gulf of Thailand. The Gulf is situated on the eastern side but does not feature the same beautiful coral reefs as the west coast.

The average temperature in Thailand is 28 degrees Celsius. Being a tropical country, Thailand’s water temperature does not fluctuate as often. So be sure to get the best diving equipment available to ensure a much more enjoyable dive.

Some of Thailand’s Most Popular Scuba Diving Sites:

Hin Mouang

Hin Mouang is famous for its pelagic fish, making it the most famous diving site in Thailand. With breathtaking underwater peaks, large fish shoals, pretty carpets of anemone, gigantic corals, gorgonian, and other extravagant sights, this place makes diving Thailand simply spectacular.

Hin Daeng

Hin Daeng is another unique site and is quite close to Hin Mouang. The most common creatures you would encounter here are morays, octopi, shrimps, crayfish, gray reef sharks, leopard sharks, and barracudas. Additionally manta rays, whale sharks and nurse sharks frequently visit this area.

Koh Kraden

Koh Kraden wreck is a dive site off Koh Kraden Island’s coast. Famous because of a sunken Japanese destroyer, this wreak has become a breeding ground for flora and fauna. Sea horses, giant morays, soft corals, lion fish and great schools of fish are also present here during any scuba dive. Try taking scuba lessons for safety measures during these wreck dives.

Koh Dok Mai

Koh Dok Mai is another dive location well known for night cave diving. Sea urchins like lobsters, moray eels, leopard sharks, sea snakes are known to inhabit this dive site.

Similan Island

Breakfast Bend is another great site in Similan Island. Known for its turquoise and crystal clear water, there is great visibility of the famous copious fish. Breakfast Bend got its famous name because it is usually the first dive site after breakfast for many divers. Swimming in these crystal waters are leopard sharks, barracudas, surgeon fish, morays, trigger fish, scorpion fish, glass fish, emperor angelfish and other schools of fish.

Thailand is a great scuba diving destination with a lot to offer. If you consider going there on your next diving trip you would not be disappointed.

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