Discover Cuba Scuba Diving


YouTube Preview ImageWhen people think about scuba diving, they hardly ever think of the small country of Cuba. The island country of Cuba is located roughly 90 miles southwest of Florida. Cuba scuba diving is a great activity. Surrounded by deep blue oceans and beautiful dive sites Cuba is considered a dive paradise for any serious scuba diver.

The Beauty of Scuba Diving in Cuba

Cuba is known to be a beautiful island paradise which is surrounded by miles of sandy beaches and rich, deep oceans. Here in Cuba, divers of all levels are amazed at the beauty which surrounds them. An array of tropical fish species and rich marine life in deep blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean Sea, and the Gulf of Mexico make Cuba scuba diving unique.

There are numerous places to scuba dive in Cuba. At present, Cuba has over 31 different diving shops in 18 different zones around the country. Each area is full of stunning dive sites which are eco friendly and free from pollution and coral destruction. Every diver takes pleasure in viewing different types of fish, corals, lobsters, sea urchins, and sponges in some of the most beautifully and best preserved reefs in Central America.

Quality Scuba Diving Instruction in Cuba

All dive shops in Cuba have certified and knowledgeable scuba diving instructors for all levels. All these instructors are certified by ACUC, CMAS, or SSI which are international dive standards requirements. Moreover most instructors are bilingual – English and Spanish. Novice divers could also get certified with these instructors in less than 24 hours. It is common for instructors to take their time and work with individuals who aren’t as confident in the oceans.

Worrying about scuba equipment in Cuba is unnecessary due to the many rental stores around. Many dive shops rent and sell all scuba diving equipment that is required for any dive expedition. A wide range of scuba equipment is also available at very affordable prices. Divers are usually happy with the low rental rates dive shops offer dive tourists.

One of the best kept secrets Cuba is now making itself known worldwide as a leader in scuba diving activities. Even though it is a small country Cuba has much too offer scuba divers with its diverse marine life.

If you are planning a scuba diving trip anytime soon do check out Cuba scuba diving because this is definitely for you.

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