Scuba Diving Club-What to Expect When You Join


The existence of scuba diving clubs is mainly for the promotion of the sport and recreation of scuba diving and also to provide important information and tips on diving. Trips to dive sites that members have never been to and heads up information on important dive events are some of the things that are also organized by scuba clubs.

Meeting fellow divers both locally and international is another benefit of joining a scuba diving clubs. Being part of a scuba diving club also means that you will have to be prepared for some local and overseas diving trips. Being flown to Mexico or Fiji for a diving trip is not uncommon for members of dive clubs.

Most clubs offer trainings and certificates therefore joining one could be a fun way of learning more about the sport. If you’re a newbie, a recreational diver or certified, you are more than welcome to join as most clubs accept members regardless of their experience.

Membership fees

The membership fee for dive clubs may vary in price. There are some that don’t charge a fee at all, while there are others that go for as low as $25 per person annually to as high as $400.

What you can expect as a member

If you use the internet to become a member of a dive club, certain perks like receiving dive club news, contest announcements, tips and group e-mails on a regular basis will be available to you. You will also be able to access the club’s message group and enter online and offline contests.

Having the opportunity to socialize with people and increase your number the number of diver friends you have is another advantage of joining a dive club. Meetings are held regularly by dive clubs and most of these involve diving trips, which is even better. There are some clubs that never hold meetings at all but have dive trips instead. One such club is h2ohms – High voltage divers ( in L.A.

If taking pictures is your primary reason for taking up scuba diving, some clubs worth checking up on include L.A Underwater Photographic Society ( or the Empire Scuba Dive ( and the San Diego Underwater Photographic Society (

Other Involvement

Many dive clubs also concern themselves with issues such as charity and eco-awareness. To raise awareness on the environment and also raise funds for charitable organizations, several diving events are organized by these dive clubs throughout the year.

For a complete catalog of scuba diving clubs within the U.S., visit, which has a record of clubs according to the different states. For additional information and comments on scuba diving clubs within your region, visit and inspect their Scuba Poll which provides information like the evaluation of divers, clubs and their schools and their rankings which is based on aspects like safety, eco-awareness, professionalism, service and dive sites.

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