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YouTube Preview ImageScuba diving is fun, relaxing, educational and good sport, the scenery is beautifully unique. It is a healthy sport because it only requires one to be in healthy physical condition clear and alert mind. You must remember some simple things when scuba diving. The following are some common scuba diving basics.

Scuba Diving Basics 1: Make Sure Scuba Diving Is For You

Not everybody loves scuba diving because. One, you have to be comfortable with water. Two, you have to be strong and fit swimmer. Three, not afraid of marine life. Four, you are not afraid to go into the depths of the ocean or lake. To be a successful scuba diver you should be able to swim 200 yards without stopping and at least a10 minute tread and float exercise. If you are hampered by a medical condition you should ask your doctor if you can dive.

Scuba Diving Basics 2: Getting Certified

Scuba diving is not just about jumping into the water. You must carry proper diving certificate, and this certificates is obtained by completing a certified scuba diving course which is taught by a certified instructor. You can earn this certification in as little as 24 hours or prolonged classes depending on your physical condition. You must pass this courses in order to get the license.

Scuba Diving Basic 3: The Gear

Always check and make sure that all of your scuba diving gear is in good workable condition. And check it often. There are some needed accessories and equipment before you dive such as regulators, masks, fins, knives, weights and other pieces of equipment. Make sure you follow the instructions of the manufacturer of your wet suit

Scuba Diving Basic 4: Know and Practice the Language of Diving

Hand signals and sign language is the only way one communicates under water. You must know this signs. Read and practice them. Also important to know the abbreviations and acronyms of all scuba terminology. Make sure you study regularly and keep up on all different techniques, rules and regulations of scuba diving world.

Its very important to know the basic steps because this will assure safer and more enjoyable dive trip. You should review the four main areas frequently and make sure that you are always in touch with the latest changes, rules and regulations. Your life is at stake better to be safe than sorry, this is true in the world of scuba diving.

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