Tips for an Advanced Scuba Diver


advanced scuba diversLearning how to scuba dive is a progressive process. Like school you simply can’t stay at the same level. This same development applies to scuba diving. Firstly, people who are interested in scuba diving need to enroll in a basic scuba diving course. Once they have completed the basic requirements, the AOW or Advanced Open Water Diver Course is the next step.

At this level, the necessary advanced scuba skills are taught. Upon completion of this course the successful diver is issued with a card from the AOW.

Without the AOW card, you will not be permitted to dive in some of the popular areas in Malaysia, the Philippines and Australia.

Scuba diving operators are reluctant to put divers through advanced level training because there are a lot of risks involved. In the advanced course scuba divers have to deal with the unfamiliar hazards and strong underwater currents.

Basic Core Dives

Before commencing, it is advised that a scuba diver have some knowledge on the five different core dives that are required to complete the Advanced Open Water Diving Course. Underwater Navigation and Deep Navigation are the first two basic Core dives needed.

The three remaining Adventure Dives can be chosen depending on the preference of the scuba diver. This course targets certified divers who are looking to learn more. It also targets those divers who want to gain more experience and skills.

The following is a list of the most commonly chosen adventure dives:

1. Underwater Photography.

2. Peak Performance Buoyancy Dive.

3. Underwater Navigation.

4. Naturalist Dive.

5. Night and Deep photography Dives.

A few scuba diving tips include:

1. For adventure diving, exploration of the underwater life will be available to you.

2. For navigation diving, you will be taught the skill of using a compass for accurate underwater navigation.

3. Currently the basic scuba diver certification permits diving up to 60 feet or 18 meters. Fortunately upon completion of the advanced scuba course, you should be able to deep dive beyond that range and reach depths of 100 feet or 30 meters.

Besides obtaining additional knowledge and skills, advanced divers also look to gain further confidence. Completing an advanced scuba diving course usually gives divers more confidence to do things that they were once reluctant to do. This can include deep sea dives, exploring ship wrecks and even underwater cave diving.

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