Underwater Camera Housing- Canon WP-DC 800


Canon-WP-DC28-Waterproof-CaseThe Canon WP-DC 800 underwater camera housing is perfect for both recreational and professional divers. This underwater camera housing is suited for Canon’s advanced, compact line of underwater digital cameras. Whether you are a recreational scuba diver on vacation or a professional scuba diving photographer, the Canon WP-DC800 underwater camera housing offers a corrosion-proof way to capture those remarkable underwater shots at depths up to 130 feet.

The Canon Waterproof Case WP-DC800 for Powershot S500, S410 & S400 + Accessory Kit is made for the Canon Powershot line of digital cameras. These advanced, compact underwater digital cameras offer sharp and realistic pictures. The Canon WP-DC800 underwater camera housing is for the S400, S410 and S500 Digital ELPH cameras. The underwater camera housing matches perfectly to the camera for full functionality under water.

Affordable and Well Designed:

When it comes to underwater camera housings, the Canon WP-DC800 is an affordable and well designed piece of equipment that gives you quality underwater pictures with ease of operation. The controls are large and made in different colors to make them easy to distinguish. They are comfortable and easy to operate underwater. The integrated flash diffuser helps eliminate the light orb found in some underwater photos.

Great Value and Cheaper than Others in the Same Class:

Compared to other underwater camera housings like Ikelite and Panasonic, the Canon line of underwater housings are more affordable and are constructed of plastic for toughness, while still offering lightweight compactness. Even beginning scuba divers will find it easy to take underwater photos with this compact underwater camera and housing combination.

Great Value Compared to More expensive Brands:

It is highly recommended for recreational divers since it is typically found under $200, in comparison to some of the more complicated and sophisticated housings that can run $1000 on up. Even professional scuba diving photographers like the ease of operation and the reliability of the underwater camera housing with a Canon camera.

Compared to the higher dollar underwater camera housings, like Sea or SeaLife, for example, that can cost several thousand dollars, the Canon WP-DC800 is an affordable and compact way to get those action shots with little effort and minimal investment. It does not require the stretch and multi-hand operation that many of the more expensive models do. It is quick and easy to get the shot in a fleeting moment.

If you love scuba diving in exotic places and capturing photos of vivid coral, rare marinelife, or ship wreckages, the Canon WP-DC800 underwater camera housing is an affordable camera housing that provides protection for your Canon camera from sand, dust, rain and of course, salty sea water. Canon’s full line of digital cameras and underwater housings offer even the most novice photographer a means to capture realistic color and clarity in underwater photos.

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