Underwater Camera Housings – Protect Your Precious Memories


Underwater camera housings are an essential part of a scuba diver’s equipment, whether for leisure or professional use. The underwater world you will encounter is unlike anything most people will see in a lifetime. Through your photographs, you will be able to give the rest of the world a peek at the wonders you may encounter underwater. It is important that your camera is protected by one of the best underwater camera housings you can get to protect those once in a lifetime photos you may be able to bring back from your adventures.

For all Scuba diving enthusiasts, looking for relevant information on underwater camera housings, there are several to choose from. When you are ready to purchase your next underwater camera housings, here is a list of four of the top ones on the market that we recommend:

Canon WP-DC 800
Canon WP-DC800 KitThis underwater housing is for Powershot S400, S410 and S500. It is waterproof down to 130 feet. This case protects from sand, dirt and dust and you can use it during bad weather or for underwater photo opportunities. You can also purchase the optional waterproof case weight set to allow the camera to stay put for steady underwater photos. It is affordable, yet reliable and as a plus the Canon Waterproof Case WP-DC800 for Powershot S500, S410 & S400 + Accessory Kit is available for around $200. This kit includes the Case, Lithium Battery, Weight, Silicone Grease and Silica Gel Pack. The matching Canon PowerShot S410 Camera is less than $410 while the Canon PowerShot S500 Camera is less than $350.

Olympus PT-019 Underwater Housing
Olympus PT-019 Underwater HousingThis digital camera housing is designed to be used with the Olympus C-5000 digital camera. Waterproof at depths up to 130 ft, it allows you access to all of your camera’s functions with integrated mechanical controls. It also has an O-ring main seal and safety lock with adjustable positive to neutral buoyancy for stability. It is affordable enough for the amateur photographer, at under $50.

INTOVA INWD-IC500This is the sportsmans solution to digital photography! The INTOVA INWD-IC500 digital camera is waterproof, shock-resistant, compact and easy to operate. With its rugged housing, this camera is designed for the most extreme sports. Take this camera skiing, camping, biking, hiking, kayaking, surfing and you would still get the quality pictures that you expect from such a versatile camera like this. Not forgetting its very affordable price tag at under $100 it is no wonder that this camera is extremely popular amongst many divers.

Sony MPK-WD Marine Pack KitThis underwater housing is suitable for the Sony  Cybershot DSC-W150, DSC-W170 and Sony Cybershot DSCW300 13.6MP Digital Camera models. The official depth rate for this housing is up to 40m. It also features a 1/4 inch tripod socket for lighting tray. The internal flash can be used underwater or to trigger an external slave such as the Sea & Sea YS-17 flash kit. Includes a wrist strap, grease, o-ring, back door spacer, camera adapters, LCD hood and a flash diffuser. This is a great choice for amateur scuba divers or holiday goers who love snorkeling.

Protecting your underwater camera equipment from the elements and corrosion is essential for optimal scuba diving photos of the varied underwater world experiences you may encounter. You need to invest in the underwater camera housing that will protect your equipment for years to come.

For more information on other underwater camera housings or waterproof video housings, please browse through our store where you will find a large variety of popular models from top manufacturers.

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