Scuba Diving In St. Thomas


St. Thomas DivingThe Caribbean island of St. Thomas attracts a large number of travelers each year. St. Thomas, which is in the Virgin Islands, is one of the most popular choices in the world for a summer vacation. You might wonder what type of exciting activities you can expect if you choose St. Thomas as your destination for a vacation.

Just like other popular destinations, there will be several interesting activities available in St. Thomas but if you prefer an experience that is both magical and educational then scuba diving is the activity for you.

What It Offers

St. Thomas is one of the finest places in the world for a truly wonderful scuba diving experience thanks mainly to its amazing marine life, coral reefs and clear waters. Even though St. Thomas is famous for its seclusion and stunning beaches, tourists from all over the world visit St. Thomas to experience the wonderful underwater activity that is scuba diving.

If you are a first timer and you choose to scuba dive in St. Thomas then you need not worry. Lessons are available to people who have no knowledge on scuba diving but are intent on undertaking this activity. Just a few lessons and you could be on your way to experiencing a wonderful diving adventure in crystal clear waters.

You are encouraged to scuba dive while on a guided tour whether you are just a beginner or an experienced diver. Experienced and trained professionals usually provide scuba diving tours. You will not only be safe but valuable insight into finding the best locations for underwater treasures will also be available to you. It is strongly advised that you go diving with an experienced diver and not on your own as many accidents can happen in open waters.

Extra Help

You must therefore look for a company or a scuba diving guide that offers tours as it is recommended that you do not go scuba diving without a trained professional present. There are several options available in St. Thomas. You are encouraged to explore the different tours available when looking for a scuba diving guide. There are tours that are hosted off a boat or even right off the coast.

Dives that is centered on coral reef and underwater wreckage is what is offered by Blue Island Divers. This is one tour center you will most likely stumble upon when looking for scuba diving tours in St. Thomas. It is one of the more renowned scuba diving groups within the St. Thomas region. Not only do they provide their services to adults but children can also be given assistance and scuba diving lessons. It is wise do a personal research on scuba equipment to familiarize yourself with various components  and its use before taking dive lessons.

Another company that you may also stumble upon is Admiralty Dive Center. This center offers a significant number of diving tours and it also has a facility that is state of the art. Tours involving marine life and underwater wreckage is what is offered by this center. The Admiralty Dive Center also provides lessons on scuba diving to individuals of all ages just like its compatriot, Blue Island Divers.

As was mentioned earlier, when choosing a scuba diving tour that would be suitable for your next family getaway or romantic vacation, there are several options available to you. By requesting a vacation brochure regarding St. Thomas Island, you can easily look for other scuba diving tours. Your local travel agent may also provide further information.

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