Scuba Diving Fiji – Breathtaking Beyond Measure


scuba diving fijiIf you’re a keen scuba diver with a desire to explore more, than look no further than Fiji scuba diving. Fiji is a small country in the South Pacific that boasts over 300 Islands. With its golden sandy beaches, towering palm tress and friendly people, Fiji is known as a top ten tourist destination. Its crystal clear turquoise waters and vast tropical marine life puts Fiji scuba diving in a class on its own. Scuba diving around the reefs and corals is nice but every dive destination has just that. However, scuba diving Fiji offers so much more. Swimming with tropical fish, cave diving, night diving, deep sea diving, swimming and feeding sharks are what set’s Fiji apart from the rest. Once you’ve been scuba diving in the crystal warm waters in Fiji, returning for a second vacation is sure.

Are You A Novice Or An Expert?

Before you can go on any scuba dive experience you need to take lessons to become a certified scuba diver. Completing a novice certification takes about 24hours and this could be done at many Fiji scuba diving resorts. Having a novice certification allows scuba divers to dive with a guide within the coral reefs areas. Scuba diving as a novice in Fiji is just as rewarding as open sea scuba divers. Without the worry of open sea danger a novice diver can enjoy the multi colored corals in Fiji. Here we have an abundance of tropical marine life that inhibits our corals. Some of the popular tropical fish here are the Koi fish, clown, gold and angel fishes. These are just a few of the hundred species a novice diver will encounter around our corals.

Advanced Diving

If you’re an advanced or expert diver, scuba diving Fiji is also the best option for you. Expert divers can dive alone or with guides in most areas. Fiji scuba diving offers a wide range of activities to cater for the more serious scuba divers. Shark feeding, cave diving, spear fishing, deep sea diving are all on offer to experts here in Fiji. In a nut shell or should I say sea shell, whether or not you’re a novice or expert, scuba diving in Fiji can meet your scuba needs.

Guide Or No Guide

Taking a guide with you whilst scuba diving is probably a good idea. A lot of scuba divers both novice and expert usually get hurt when guides aren’t around. Taking a guide with you helps minimizes the chances of any one diver from getting into unnecessary trouble. If you’re new scuba diver guides can show you the best dive spots. Local Guides are also familiar with the surrounding waters so you can be sure you are in safe hands. Unlike many other countries Fiji scuba diving has the expert guide instructors. These dive instructors are all certified guides who are always willing to help any keen scuba diver who comes to our shores.

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