Kent Diving!

Dive Kent now!!

Kent Diving!!

Thinking about a great diving experience, but don’t have the time or the cash to travel to a far off exotic locale like Palau or the Red Sea? Then consider this; some of the best diving sites you could hope for can be found within a short day trip around Southern England. Local divers know all about these spots, and now you will too, with our high-speed overview of the best diving opportunities to be found on the Kent coast also known as Kent diving.

Kent Diving-More than just a beach

A popular holiday destination for many, Kent’s climate is pleasant year round, with temperatures ranging from 15 to 30°C (59-86°F). The popularity of diving in Kent as a vacation spot means that there are excellent travel accommodations for all tastes, from those seeking luxurious hotels to more adventurous souls who want to camp or caravan far from the madding crowd. While cool water dives aren’t known for the coral reefs and tropical fish of other locations, they have their own special attractions. The Kent coast is not only close to most urban areas, but boasts wall dives that rival many reefs, and an amazing abundance of wreck dives that are easily reached even by the relatively inexperienced diver.

The Dover and Folkstone Regions-Kent Scuba

This area has something for everyone; from novices to the more experienced diver. Feel like a simple bottom exploration? Dover and Folkstone both have many excellent shore diving opportunities perfectly suited for introducing newcomers to the diving in Kent experience. And if you’re an explorer type, wrecks of all kinds can be found in depths ranging from 15 to 50 meters (49-164 feet).

The Western Wall

If you want to see marine life in action, the Western Wall is the place to go. With its many nooks and crannies, this site is home to crabs, lobsters and many types of inshore fish. Best explored during the high tide, the strong currents can make this dive somewhat more challenging, but the chance to observe the Wall’s many underwater denizens make this trip worth the effort.

The Gildenburg Lakes

Located near Peterborough, the Lakes offer many amenities besides diving; on-site camping and a local bar and café among others. But the main attraction of the Lakes are the many artificial wrecks placed there for local divers; including aircraft, a small freighter (the Loanda), and even a double decker bus! With depths averaging 20 to 23 meters and visibility up to 10 meters (33 feet) on clear days, this is an excellent way to get in a bit of wreck diving practice before tackling bigger challenges.

HMS Brazen

One of those bigger challenges is the HMS Brazen. A British Navy destroyer sunk off the Kent coast during the Second World War, this wreck lies at an easy to reach 8 meters (26 feet) and features excellent visibility. Relive the drama and heroism of those wartime days as you explore her abandoned gun emplacements, torpedo tubes and other features that are normally found only in wrecks at far greater depths.

Summing Up

We’ve only touched on a few of the high spots in our lightning tour. But if you’re looking for a great weekend diving experience, it pays to remember dive Kent as an excellent option with lots of possibilities.

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