Experience the Thrill of a Maui Dive


In order to experience the full thrills of diving, you need to be living in or near the coastal cities so you can witness some fascinating sea life and coral reefs in crystal clear water. This requires a lot of land travel if you live in the mainlands of the US and guessing on a place to dive may not give you the experience that you were expecting. Don’t forget that Hawaii is also part of the US and the Maui island with it. A Maui scuba dive can very well make the difference rather than travelling to a distant country.

A Maui dive should be on your to-do list of diving activities because Maui has the pacific feeling to it complete with sapphire crystal waters and beautiful white beaches. It doesn’t just stop there with diving though because you can do a whole lot more than you think when arriving in “The Magic Isle.”

Maui Scuba Diving at Molokini

Snorkelers and divers alike will definitely appeal to the beauty and scenery that Molokini has to offer with tons of different fish species and sea life living under the clear waters. Going under these clear waters will reveal various sites of unique underwater landscapes that are worth remembering so don’t forget your underwater camera!

For beginner divers and snorkelers Reef’s end is the place to be. The Cauliflower coral that covers the reef is an excellent site for some good dramatic photography. The Tako Flats is another good place if you want to check out the coral heads and go up close and personal with octopuses.

Maui Scuba Diving at Southern Maui

Advanced divers looking for a good challenge should try diving at hidden pinnacle. Make sure the weather conditions are good and prepare for strong currents. However, those that take the plunge will be rewarded with good sightings of pyramid butterfly fish, octo coral, and various sponges. The valleys and canyons nearby make it a good stop for beginner divers to take on.

Turtle caves is another great place to dive and known for having 6 distinguishable pinnacles scattered around. Divers will surely enjoy the sea life and turtle activity and good diving depth of up to 70 feet deep. Beginners looking for a shallow dive will find some enjoyment at Haloa point. In this 25-50 feet depth area you will find plenty of sea turtles and tropical fish wandering about.

In addition, many other diving Maui spots can be found around the coastlines including the western parts. Once you had enough of the diving action, you can check out the various Maui dive shops located around the island. Tourists can satisfy themselves too by taking a trip through the Road to Hana and witness some breathtaking landscapes or witness beautiful sunrises at Haleakala National Park. Maui is a great destination to visit and makes a suitable diving spot that is worth remembering. Diving in Maui can be surely a different kind of a blast and fun that can hardly be found elsewhere.

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