The Citizen Dive Promaster SST


Citizen Dive PromasterWhen it comes to tough competition like diving and racing, timing is everything and even the things that are smaller than a valuable second counts. That is the prime purpose of heavy-duty stopwatches that are being used by  divers and timekeepers overseeing all kinds of competition. These timekeeping features became present in watches when people saw the need to challenge themselves and improve in training. This was of course, all right when it comes to jogging, but when the action is taken to the waters; a durable watch like the Citizen Dive Promaster SST is all a diver needs for accurate timing combined with superior style and durability.

The Citizen Dive Promaster looks just like that luxury watch that you see under the glass panes, but when you see the face, you’ll see that it is geared for serious sports action on both land and water. Here’s a good look at the Citizen Promaster SST both inside and out.

Racing Features

The Citizen diving watch is best known for having the Promaster’s Split Second Timing (SST) built-in turning it into a serious race watch that has 1/1000 second accuracy with the analogue registering 1/100 seconds. In addition, it can store up to 20 lap times and get the average speed based on the performance.

The circular slide rule allows time-distance calculations do to be done easily so you can figure out how long it will take you to go through a certain distance at a certain speed.

Timing Features

It isn’t just a special purpose watch, but the Citizen Divers watch manages to have the same standard features that you see in other digital watches, which is impressive for an ana-digi watch.  The Citizen Promaster SST can tell the world time in 43 cities and has the 99-minute countdown timer for other timekeeping purposes. An alarm feature is also incorporated to make alerts on a given time.


The watch itself comes in a titanium stainless steel case with black iron plating with the face made of non-reflective synthetic sapphire crystal making it worth showing off even after the race is over. The bracelet is stainless steel as well and detachable just by the push of a button to turn the Citizen Promaster SST into a compact stopwatch. The red backlit LCD makes the digital area clear for night view.

Extra Features

When it’s time for some water or diving action, you can take the Citizen Divers watch for a dip up to 200 meters (660 feet) deep. As long as adequate lighting is present, you can have this watch in its full accuracy for up to 240 days with its rechargeable power reserve so you will never need a battery. If ever your watch is dying out, your attention will be caught by a 3-day low charge warning so you can give it more light to charge.

The Citizen Promaster SST is an all-purpose watch that fits nicely on any wrist because of its titanium materials. It has all the best functions for diving and timing while preserving a good style to wear around everywhere you go. Please check out our Dive Gear Store for the popular selection of Citizen dive watches or a broad range of diving watches from the top manufacturers in the market.

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