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Whether you’re just learning to scuba dive or an expert dipping into the Caribbean Sea off Grenada, perhaps in Molinere Reef, the importance of buying a good regulator is a key part of your aqua-lung. The diving regulator, as we know, is one or more valves in a series that allows the gas out of a gas cylinder in a controlled motion, lowering its pressure at each stage.

Too many divers are unsure which scuba diving regulators are the best ones, so in order to help you make a good decision, we looked at some of Sherwood’s models and came out quite impressed. The Sherwood scuba diving regulator models we looked at included the SR1, the Blizzard, and the Oasis. Each has great benefits and features and is priced in accordance with other top performance regulators.

The Sherwood SR1 Regulator – All-in-One:

Sherwood SR1The SR1 model is a two stage pneumatically balanced regulator with a two-piece flow-through. Its first stage piston is secured for balance and intermediate pressure control. Divers will love the environmentally sealed spring chamber along with its two high-pressure ports and five low pressure points—all on a 360 degree swivel. You can use this regulator with a yoke or a DIN attachment.

The second stage of this regulator houses a SMART demand lever and a floating crown that reacts awesomely to depressurization and extends seat life. The second stage also holds a single adjustment point to simultaneously set opening effort and high-flow performance—in one motion. With this regulator, there is no need to make separate adjustments. The control knob has been redesigned by Sherwood and has been placed in a location that is aimed for ease of use and control. The knob size also works well for divers who prefer wearing gloves.

The Sherwood SR1 regulator model fits into a technologically advanced compact case and uses tons of cutting edge materials. For those regulator techies, you’ll know how super this model is with less than 0.5 joules/liter, W.O.B., at 165 fsw, and 62.5 RMV. This Sherwood model has been a top pick of experts for 2008 and is good in any diving condition. The Sherwood SR1 Regulator is currently available around $610 with Free Shipping.

The Sherwood Blizzard Regulator – For Cool Dives:

Sherwood Blizzard RegulatorSherwood also offers the Blizzard dive regulator model. Ideal for cold water, Sherwood paid attention to safety experts when developing the Blizzard to uphold demanding and extreme water conditions. Because of Sherwood’s dedication to building the Blizzard, it has become one of the top favorites of divers everywhere. Features of the Blizzard include a high performance dry first stage, a dry chamber that prevents moisture and icing from entering the spring chamber, and surface treated bimetal fins and heat sinks that capture the body's heat from your outgoing breaths; using your breath to keep its operating parts warm.

This dive regulator performs well as the temperature of the water declines and it boasts 2 high-performance primary ports that support both the primary and secondary air sources. Exclusive to Sherwood dive regulators, the Blizzard has a bubble deflector exhaust tee that minimizes the size of bubbles and turns them away from your view. The Wisdom mouthpiece minimizes the bite pressure to keep the regulator in position, keeping away annoying jaw fatigue. This Sherwood Blizzard Regulator is now available at $419.95 with FREE Continental U.S. Shipping

The Sherwood Oasis – A Great Warm-Water Regulator

Sherwood Oasis RegulatorFor divers looking for warm-water dive regulators, the Oasis is your best bet. Exclusively developed by Sherwood, this dive regulator model has 2 second-stage moisture retention fins that will allow your mouth to be kept cool throughout your entire dive. Other features include a Wisdom mouthpiece that makes the bite you need to hold the regulator easier, relieving unnecessary jaw fatigue. The baffled-and-extended exhaust tee minimizes the size of bubbles and keeps them out of your view. The two primary flow ports increase outlet pressure to the second stage for optimal breathing and Sherwood’s patented moisture retention fins minimize dry mouth. The Sherwood Oasis Scuba Regulator is available for under $420.

Sherwood Excellence

All of the Sherwood’s dive regulator models come with a full two-year manufacturer’s warranty and a Dip ‘N Dive lifetime warranty. Sherwood and the scuba diving products they produce have been around a reliable thirty years and have a dependable reputation for making durable dive gear. Since the 1950s, Sherwood parts were in just about every dive regulator model out there and by 1972, the company introduced its first regulator product, the SRB-2000. Since then, Sherwood has continued to be a pioneer in the diving industry—especially in the design of their regulators relying on safety experts in the industry. We liked these three Sherwood models—we think you will too.

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