Underwater Video Camera Sony SR12 Bluefin Compact Video Housing


Bluefin SR12 Underwater Camera HousingIf you are looking for the best underwater video camera, then you should purchase the Sony HDR-SR12 10.2MP 120GB High Definition Hard Drive Handycam Camcorder. With all the features of this camera, you will be getting video you never could have with any other video recorder. When you pair the Sony SR12 with the Light & Motion Bluefin Compact Video Housing system you will attain the utmost in underwater video capabilities.

Sony SR12 -Face detection for video and photos

Sharing advanced imaging technologies from Sony’s digital camera line, the new Sony SR12  camcorder incorporates face detection technology for both video and photos. The technology can identify up to eight faces in the camcorder’s LCD frame, and automatically adjusts focus, exposure, color control for natural-looking skin tones, and when photos are taken, flash control.

Lightweight Mounting System

When you pair the Sony SR12 video camera with the Bluefin compact video housing system you will only have just over seven pounds of camera making this system easy to maneuver under water. You will need to be weighted down with heavy camera equipment that will make it difficult to obtain quality video capture.

Sony High Definition camcorders – Hybrid and Hybrid plus movie recording

Sony HDR-SR12 Video CameraThe Sony HDR-SR12 video camera system provides extremely long continuous recording times of nearly 15 hours. The Sony HDR-SR12 also features hybrid movie recording on optional Memory Stick PRO Duo media cards, as well as its built-in hard drive. Recording times on the media card will be nearly two hours of video that can be stored on Sony’s new 16GB media card. Both movies and photos can be transferred from the hard drive to media card in the camcorders without having to use a PC.

Quick Release

The release handle system makes it ultra easy to remove and attach your Sony SR12 underwater video camera to the Bluefin video system. When you pair these two together you will get the easiest to use system available for underwater video taking.

Large Hard Drive

The Sony SR12 underwater video camera comes standard with a one hundred and twenty gigabyte hard drive. You will never have to shorten your video taking because of a lack of storage. Because of the huge size of the hard drive, paired with the high definition video camera, this system is the best one around for any diver looking to capture dive video.

By pairing the Sony SR12 underwater video camera with the BlueFin under housing you will have an extremely stable underwater video system available. You will be able to capture your dive videos in high definition without worrying about how much disk space you are taking up. This will allow for the most pleasurable viewing of your underwater video experiences for generations to come.

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