Red Sea Diving in Hurghada, Egypt


YouTube Preview ImageRed Sea Diving is considered some of the best scuba diving in the world.  The warm waters of the Red Sea make it ideal for the underwater gardens offshore from the resort town of Hurghada. There are many varieties of coral and fish, and Hurghada is known as the gateway to the many islands and offshore reefs, which are uninhabited.


Hurghada is in Eygpt, close to Cairo, and tourists from all over Egypt and Europe know what a great dive spot it is.  Red Sea Diving is becoming known internationally renowned, and the resort town of Hurghada has grown from a fishing village into the most visited tourist destination in all of Egypt. Many tourists combine it with other famous Egyptian locations, such as the Nile Valley, The Great Pyramids and Luxor.

Hurghada has some great beaches lining the Red Sea. Red Sea Diving is appealing for scuba divers, even those with little experience due to the diverse marine life and nearby coral reefs.  Hurghada has in excess of 100 hotels, many of them on the Red Sea.

Hilton Hurghada Long Beach Resort

We always stay at the Hilton Hurghada, when we go Red Sea Diving, but there are many resorts in Hurghada that offer dive expeditions and even glass bottom boat rides for your friends that want to try something different. The Hilton Hurghada Long Beach Resort is right on the Red Sea, and has a private beach that offers water sports, including Red Sea diving.

When we go Red Sea diving, we like staying at the Hilton Hurghada because they have 3 restaurants, 5 bars, and 7 swimming pools.  You’ll have to try the authentic Egyptian dishes at Marhaba Restaurant that overlooks the sea.  You can take a trip to Luxor or a desert Jeep safari, which can be arranged by the hotel.

Great Coral Reefs and Marine Life

The Red Sea coral is some of the most beautiful, with vivid pinks, reds, yellows, orange and aqua colors.  The marine life is diverse with everything from scorpionfish, lionfish, puffers, seahorses, anemones, urchins and of course eels and jellyfish.  There are so many species that it’s hard to list them all. While Red Sea diving is a great way to see them, there is also a museum and aquarium in Hurghada, where you can see all the native flora and sea life.

Resort Area and Party Town

Hurghada has also become known as a party town.  There are many clubs and they are all along the main street.  There are all kinds of inexpensive and expensive hotels nearby. Hurghada is a resort area under development, with construction ongoing and new hotels, restaurants and other things being built.

There are places to visit to the North and South of Hurghada that are becoming resort areas in their own right.  Safaga is to the South and El Gouna is to the North.  These communities are also built on the sea and offer some great Red Sea Diving opportunities as well.

Hurghada is the place to go when Red Sea diving.  There is a wide choice of hotels, restaurants and dive operators.  It is one of the most awesome coral reefs and underwater gardens in the world.

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