The iDive 300 – Listen to Your iPod Underwater


Your Own Soundtrack

Underwater diving is a sport that exposes the diver to a veritable garden of aquatic creatures and plant life. For the seasoned diver, there are occasions when the experience can be made exponentially better, and that is though the ability to add one's own sound track. Electronic devices would not fare well under any amount of water. So when it comes to bringing your iPod along for the dive, you need a product such as H2O Audio's iDive 300.

iDive 300Their underwater case is made to withstand aquatic conditions up to 300 feet below the surface. In addition to the waterproof iPod case, which is compatible with many versions of the iPod, a pair of speakers are included that fit over the ears to provide you with your own customizable diving experience. The iDive 300 represents the cutting edge of underwater electronics protection.

Birth of a New Industry

The iDive 300 is the evolve descendant of the DV-i700, H2O Audio's offering as the world's first underwater case for mp3 devices and speakers that were meant for use by divers and snorkelers. When the product hit the market, people took notice and it was clear that this was a market needed to be exploited. As H2O Audio developed newer cases with greater depth ratings, Apple had created what can only be described as the iPod renaissance. H2O was happy to oblige with their offering of the iDive.

The Features That Are Wanted

The iDive 300 is capable of withstanding the environmental stresses present at 300 feet below surface level. The exterior shell is made of heavy duty polycarbonate material, and can withstand the high pressures while making sure that water is kept out. On the inside, a microprocessor can identify and integrate with many iterations of the iPod. The bridge between the interior and exterior is managed by the microprocessor, which provides a simple push interface on the exterior which allows you to control the device.

Over all the design and features of the iDive 300 is the product of superior engineering. The water proof iPod case is a product of a new industry, devices that are tailored to the environment that the music lover is likely to be in when enjoying their tunes.

The Wants of the Diver

When the scuba diver or snorkeler is in want of an additional little bit more when it comes to their adventuring, the iDive 300 gives them what they want. Their device is protected from the elements as they enjoy the music they choice to put their journey into context. Should the diver face an extended period of time in a decompression chamber, they will still have their tunes to pass the time.

The features and capabilities of the iDive 300 make it a valuable waterproof iPod case. It is a surefire, top of the line purchase that can enhance any diving experience. For those who desire their tunes while in the deep blue, the iDive 300 by H2O Audio is the case that can deliver.

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