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Sector watches are not ordinary sports watches. The brand Sector is synonymous with extreme sports. If you’re looking for a watch to dive with, Sector would be a sound choice. It is one of the world’s most recognized brands in dive watches that guarantee quality in products. They are Italian made and have more than 30 years of watch making experience behind them. Sector watches have a good mix of Swiss watch making innovation and style for practicality and durability during dives. The brand boasts a wide range of watch styles to meet the ever growing demands of extreme sports enthusiasts.

All Sector watches are built with strong durable steel and titanium materials that ensure a minimum water resistant depth of 300ft. Not only are sector watches good for diving, they make impressive gifts that leave lasting impressions and are elegant enough to work as dress watches should the need arise. These watches tend to project an image of adventurous pursuit and extreme sport and are often attributed to positive people.

A watch that would serve as an exceptional dive watch would be the Sector Men’s Dive Master. This is an analog – digital quartz dive watch that possesses valuable dive safety features like Dive Mode, depth gauge, temperature gauge and dive time. It also has a logbook that allows you to recall 5 latest diving records. While diving at depths that may be dark, it has EL backlight with 3-5 seconds delay for luminosity. Any experienced diver would recommend simplicity in design and features that are practical under the water, such as a large face and luminous characters. That is exactly what you would find in a Sector Men’s Dive Master.

Other interesting models in the Sector dive watch range is the Sector 700 diver series focusing on strength and durability for highly energetic individuals. With Swiss made Sapphire crystal, ETA 251.272, Stainless steel case 42 mm diameter Screw-in steel case back, screw-down crown Rubber strap, 200 meters/660 feet water resistant. They are made to be functional, durable, as well as attractive. Each timepiece is made with highly attention and strictly inspected before they are sold. Whichever you may choose it would still be a sound choice that would serve you well during dives.

Future of Sector Watches

Italian wristwatch company Sector along with Turkish designer Tamer Nakisci is in the process of designing both a fashionable and highly functional watch device capable of displaying video messages, images and GPS information to act as a digital compass.

This innovative watch device will feature a touch sensitive ring around the watch face will illuminate to show time. This will ensure that the actual watch face itself is reserved for other functions mentioned above. More than just ordinary wrist watches the new device can also be worn as bracelet and necklace.

An interesting addition worth mentioning is the option to use it as a screen for receiving caller IDs, numbers, and images from the cell phone while using a Bluetooth headset, further increasing its functionality.

Even though, this new design by Sector remains a concept. It is evident that it is leading the way into providing the sporting community with stylish high tech equipment.

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