Obtaining Scuba Certification

Has it ever crossed your mind to learn how to scuba dive? If your answer is yes, than what are some questions that come to mind? What must be done in order to become a certified diver? What type of people can become divers? What must be learned in order to dive?

In order to get an Open Water Diver Certification, first and foremost you have to be 15 years of age or above. The Junior Open Water Diver Certification, which is the counterpart of the Open Water Diver Certification, can be obtained by young adults between the ages of 10 to 14 (PADI for 10-14 and NAUI for 12-14).

Medically Fit to Dive

Being in good physical health is a must before one can become certified. It is always good to consult your doctor first if you doubt your fitness in terms of scuba diving. If you are a below average swimmer you need not worry, you don’t have to be a swimmer of Olympic medal winning caliber to be certified. In fact, just having knowledge of the basic skill of swimming is enough to get you started.

A Choice of Diving Certification Programs

Registering with a dependable program is the best way anyone can learn how to dive and obtain their certificate. PADI and NAUI certifications are offered by most programs. Other agencies include YMCA, PDIC and Scuba Schools International.

Shopping for clothes would be the most likely scenario to use when choosing a program. It is your right to compare programs and it is recommended that you do so. Another important aspect is to find a trustworthy instructor whom you are comfortable with. The instructor should be someone who is thorough and clear, patient and supportive. You must discontinue the lessons if the instructor makes you feel uncomfortable in any way when you are around him or her. To be safe and successful in a risky sport such as scuba diving, proper training should be acquired.

Scuba Diving Lessons to Suit Your Schedule

The length of the course may vary depending on your preference and schedule. You can become an open water diver within three to five days if your schedule permits. However, two months is the average period for people who are working and aren’t able to have leisure time whenever they please.

What about the cost? In general, the price of scuba diving courses can range from anything upwards of US$250. Rental equipment and books are included in these costs and that makes it worth every single cent. You can purchase your own equipment if you take scuba diving up as a sport. Choices range from a wide variety of equipment such as snorkels, masks, fins, weights, boots and belts.

There are other skills like wreck diving, underwater photography, spear fishing and deep diving that can be learnt as time progresses. But here is one way of looking at it: The planet is made up of two-thirds water and the other third being land. You can experience first-hand the magical wonders of the marine life that most people won’t get to see within their lifetime by being a certified scuba diver.

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