Magical Maui – Scuba Diving at its Best

YouTube Preview ImageThe beautiful Island of Maui majestically nestled away with a wonderful temperature and all alluring crystal clear waters has long been a hot spot for some of the best scuba diving experiences. Scuba Maui offers a difference in the range of scuba diving spots giving tourists a wider selection to choose from. This allows them to pick a spot that suits both their experience and comfort levels.

The following guide is to direct you to some of the most sought after diving spots that Maui has to offer.


Approximately 15 minutes by boat off Maui lays a crescent shaped isle, Molokini. This isle provides the best that scuba diving has to offer for Maui. You can either reserve a spot on a tour driven adventure or hire a small boat to take you there, but which ever way you choose, you are sure to enjoy all that Molokini and Scuba Maui has to offer.

Discoveries await those who dare to venture beneath the depths of Molokini. Creatures unique to this part of the world await you on this wonderful adventure. Reports have also been recorded of sightings of 45 foot Sharks along with Manta Rays and other colorful wildlife. However, there have been no reports of divers being hurt by these creatures.

The St. Anthony

The St. Anthony is the home of Maui’s only artificial reef. It became the latest edition in scuba diving spots in Maui following its sinking in the year 1997. In the year 1957, the first artificial reef was created by 150 sunken automobiles. Concrete filled tires were implanted to counter erosion making them the perfect spot for fish to call home. With the addition of the St. Anthony, green turtles have also made this spot their own. In excess of over 50 different species of fish can be found when diving here. This is just one of the reasons that make scuba Maui one of the best.


Green sea turtles which have grown a liking to divers remain the mainstay attraction here. Divers have the opportunity to swim within touching distance. Makena has a huge bay which is shaped with the Island of Maui. In addition to green sea turtles, different species of eels and beautiful lionfish can also be found in this diving spot.

La Perouse Bay

Formed from the last flowing lava from Maui around 200 years ago is La Perouse Bay. Hawaiian endemic species – fish that are found nowhere else in the world – are in abundance here and can be seen about anytime. This is in addition to all 4 species of Angel fish that live in Hawaii. This is another reason why scuba Maui remains one of the best in scuba diving experiences.  No wonder many scuba divers in Maui claim La Perouse Bay to be the best of the best.