Scuba Diving School – A Whole New Learning Experience


Have you ever been to Sea World and imagined just what it would be like to swim with a dolphin. Now that would be an experience in itself. How about seeing them in their natural environment? You could tell all your mates at work or it could even be a story around the fire place. We are here to tell you that it can be done. It is as simple as purchasing the proper equipment and heading off to a Beach Resort.

The head of the diving activities at the resort would ask if you have a scuba dive certification. Licensed divers would have no problems at all. For those inexperienced and first time divers, a safety training course is the next course of action.

Certification is very important to ensure that accidents which could lead to fatalities are prevented.

In most beach resorts, there is a designated area to accommodate the teaching of beginner divers about this activity. Proper certification can also be attained from youth centers or the community college if they are being offered there.

PADI, NAUI and SSI are some of the best organizations in the world that have also set up scuba diving schools for both the beginner and those looking to advance to the next level.

A certification has two aspects. The first which is the practical aspect, is the know how of the equipment. This is both how to use the scuba diving equipment in and out of water. The second is a written exam. Passing this ensures that the student is mentally prepared.

The minimum age for those wishing to be certified scuba divers is 15 yrs old. This is the age limit that scuba diving schools are permitted to accept. A younger person would normally not have the physique to carry the weight of the gear strapped on the back of the divers.

A lesson usually begins with the instructor asking the diving student if they know how to swim. A perfect swimming technique is not a criterion for learning how to be a scuba diver. What is of importance is the ability for the student to stay afloat in the water.

Upon completion of this first stage, the instructor will begin the lesson by educating the student on the different types of equipment that is used in scuba diving. A mask, snorkel, wetsuit, buoyancy, vest, oxygen tank and fins are just some of the basic equipment needed.

Lessons in the scuba diving school will be carried out on both land and in the water. Only after the instructor has assessed the student and is satisfied that they have mastered everything taught, will the student be given a license to be an open water diver.

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